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According to NBC reports, an undisclosed female filed a report with the Madison Police Department. She claimed that Fat Joe and his entourage touched her inappropriately while they were on their way to the hotel at 1:00 in the morning.

Hmmm wonder where she thought they were going? A round of cricket? Tea and crumpets, perhaps?

Here’s the incident report from the Madison Police Department:

Incident Type:
Sexual Assault

Incident Date:
06/21/2010 – 12:46 AM

400 Block North Lake Street

Ongoing Investigation


33-year-old female of Madison

At approximately 12:46 AM, Madison Police were dispatched to the 400 block of N. Lake Street reference allegations of a sexual assault.

After police arrived on scene, allegations by a 33-year-old female involved the entourage of Joseph Cartagena (AKA “Fat Joe”), after a hip hop concert at the Orpheum Theater on 6/20/2010.

The concert started at 7pm at The Orpheum Theater (located at 216 State Street), and shortly after the concert had concluded, a 33-year-old female found herself inside of a Cadillac Limousine with Joseph Cartagena and other male subjects all with the destination of a hotel located on Madison’s west side.

There were allegations of inappropriate touching involving the female, and after some time had elapsed, the female reported this matter to Madison Police.

This investigation is ongoing.

Details are continuing to be developed in this matter.

Cartagena was questioned along with others in his entourage.


Posted: June 14, 2010 in CELEBZ

Fat Joe is the latest celeb in Hip-Hop to be hit with a hefty tax bill now that he reportedly owes the government thousands of dollars in back taxes.

Although he’s still prepping for the release of his The Darkside album, Joey Crack’s been cited for owing the government $139,000 in federal and state taxes.

In addition to the back taxes, he was also hit with a $71,611 mortgage bill from his bank for his $2 million Florida mansion that recently went up for sale.

After reviewing public records, The Detroit News reports that Joey took out a $250,000 mortgage with SunTrustBank four years ago but was sued by the institution in January.

SunTrust was awarded a default judgment of $71,611 and the $139,000 bill for the government is reportedly still pending.

Additionally the DN reports that the IRS filed a $31,987 tax lien against him in New Jersey in addition to a $2,200 tax lien the state filed against him and his Terror Squad Productions Inc.

Joe has yet to comment on his reported tax woes.

Bronx bred emcee Fat Joe recently sat down to discuss the status of his relationship with fellow rapper Jay-Z.

In the interview with, Fat Joe states that although there is no static between him and Jay Z, he has no plans to collaborate with the Roc Nation mogul.

“I respect Jay [Z] as a business man,” Fat Joe said, “but as far as working on a project, nah.”

In addition to addressing his relationship with Jay Z, Fat Joe also talked about the issue of ageism in Hip-Hop and why there can be no age limit. Joe who turns 40 this year, states that trying to put an age limit on Hip-Hop is impossible.

“How can they say that people who are 40 can’t make good music?” Fat Joe said. “ I mean it’s obvious we are doing it, look at Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, LL. Cool J, they have successful careers and are 40. If you tell an emcee that is 40 they can’t rap, then you are eliminating history because Hip-Hop is not even 40 years old. You can’t put an age limit on Hip-Hop. It’s not R&B, it’s not Rock, It’s Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop is still a baby so we’re writing history right now.”