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Posted: October 14, 2010 in CELEBZ

Cosmopolitan: Is it hard for guys to get over breakups?
Drake: Definitely. Even after a long time, it’s painful to see an ex with somebody else. As happy as you are that she’s happy, there’s a little tingle underneath your heart. It’s not a sting. But it hurts a bit, and you wish it wasn’t there.
C: Is sex on a first date a deal breaker?
D: No, I don’t get why women think that. You’re telling yourself that all you have to offer is your body and the physical act. There’s more to you than that. If I like somebody, there’s so many great things to look forward to, even if we do it on the first night.
C: If a woman is into a guy, how should she get his attention?
D: I’m shy, so I like when she comes up and says “Hey, how are you doing?” That lets me know she wants to talk. The scariest thing is when you look at a woman and think of a million reasons why she wouldn’t want to.
C: What’s the best compliment a woman can give a guy?
D: I never mind hearing “You look nice tonight.” Guys put in a lot of silent effort. When I’m going on a date, I’m getting a haircut, I’ve got a new outfit, and I’m wearing cologne. So it’s nice when it’s noticed.
C: What’s the secret to a happy relationship?
D: Acceptance. You’ve got to be comfortable enough to be completely naked with lights on and the curtains open.

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Nicki Minaj is speaking out on her fake marriage to fellow Young Money rapper Drake.

As previously reported, Drizzy caused a stir in August when he announced on Twitter that he’d wed the Harajuku Barbie saying,

“Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham and dont stare at her too long. She’s finally mine.”

Nicki and Drake quickly took back the claims however and told fans that they made the decision to have their union annulled.

Now speaking on their “marriage”, Nick told Hot 107.9’s DJ Drama that they decided to do it as payback for the fake stories that are published on them on a daily.

“Yes, we were just being crazy and I think we were a little bit bored…we were just being mischievous. I said every day I see things written about me that aren’t’ true and I kind of wanted to give the blogs a little bit of payback.”

She also told Drama that she although her marriage to Drizzy is over she still “doesn’t date boys.”

“You know I’m always single and I don‘t date boys…I don’t like boys…I think boys are yucky and that’s it…”

Nicki Minaj was in Atlanta this weekend for Black gay pride and made several appearances at various clubs including Traxx, The Georgia Freight Depot and Primetime 2.0.

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Chris Brown and Drake once had a beef over their back-to-back dating of Rihanna last year, but they’ve clearly put their differences in the past. A source tells us the duo ripped up SoHo hot spot Greenhouse together on Tuesday night with a little help from their friends. After Lil Jon and T.I. did an impromptu back-and-forth at the nightclub, Brown surprised the Corona-cheered crowd with a five-song set and repeated shoutouts to “my man, Drake” when the deejay played Drake’s tunes for the throng.

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King Magazine just featured Catya “Cat” Washington, one of the baddest of the bad girls on Oxygen’s new season of “Bad Girls Club,” but she’s already known for being a part of the “Breast I Ever Had” cast of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video.


KING: It’s interesting, after the “Best I Ever Had” video aired, how you didn’t get the same amount of exposure as Rosa Acosta and Shakur Sozahdah. You were a standout.

CAT WASHINGTON: Yeah, it’s crazy, right?

Do you feel you were overlooked?

I don’t know, I guess it’s the industry standard. Now the more exotic, mixed girls are what’s in. I wasn’t originally cast, but I think politics decided that they needed a brown face.

How did you end up being the only “brown face” in the video?

Originally there were no brown faces in that video…at all. All of a sudden, I get a phone call the morning of the shoot telling me I needed to be on-set. It was shot in Brooklyn, and I had to leave Philly in a hurry.

Did you know the concept of the video was an unofficial tribute to Russ Meyer?

[Laughs] I had no clue. I didn’t even know who the artist was. When I got there, I could look around and tell, though. All the girls there were drop-dead gorgeous, but the common denominator was definitely double-Ds. Even the makeup artists and stylists had boobs. There was a lot going on on that set.

Sounds like what heaven is like.

I watched the video one day with my mom, and seeing me running with my boobs jiggling was the funniest thing ever.

That’s awkward.

[Laughs] It just came on. She busted out laughing because she has big boobs too.

Heredity wins. Are your mammaries the first thing that stands out when you power-walk the streets?

Well, my proportions are pretty…

…Ridiculous? Insane? Make you want to get on your knees and thank God you’re a man? Any of these would be appropriate.

Yeah, so I can’t just say my boobs. My proportions are like…“Hello, how are you doing? We’re here, we have arrived.”

Yes, they have. Nevertheless, after the release of the video, pictures surfaced on the blogosphere of you and the guy whom you didn’t even know when you rushed from Philly to New York to be in his video. His name is Drake, by the way.

Oh, no, not the tabloids [laughs].

What’s the extent of your relationship?

You mean me and Aubrey?

On a real-name basis, are we? Guess that answers the question.

[Laughs] Oh, my goodness. Well, we had a relationship. We still have a great friendship. Our schedules are crazy, and to even attempt it is impossible.

You had to have made it possible if you actually had a relationship.

It’s because we had a lot of time on our hands at that point. He was dealing with his torn ACL, and I was tending to that. I was being a little nurse.

A buxom nurse tending to a patient? Yeah, that scenario hasn’t been scripted in a porno before.

No, not that kind of nurse.

It was worth a shot. Did sparks fly on that set?

Yeah, but it was more of a cool vibe.

Cool. If your schedules lighten up, can you see you two back together?

Right now, probably not. We’re good how we are; I don’t think I would change it. I’m focused right now, and he’s focused right now, and it’s one of those things. We’re in a good space. We’re like besties. We still talk and see each other, just not as much.

“Talk,” huh? Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?

[Laughs] How did we get on this topic again?

Don’t blame the interviewer; blame the blogs.

Those damn tabloids, man. I swear. I’m not really a fan.

Why? Is it because they’ll paint you as a scheming video girl à la Superhead?

Of course they’re going to say that. You can’t get mad at the media for thinking all video girls are like that, so I wouldn’t dare get mad. [But] we’re not all like that. If you choose to think so, then more power to you. You have to understand: I’m a 34DD and have a big ol’ butt, so when they see me, automatically they’re thinking one thing.

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ABC decided not to book the 23-year-old Canadian rapper for a July 16 show in Central Park after the NYPD told the city Parks Department that Parks’ security plan wasn’t up to snuff, Parks and police sources said.

The concert was going to be part of ABC’s “Good Morning America” summer concert series, which has already featured megastars Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers and Alicia Keys.

“We were interested in having Drake perform, but he was never officially booked,” an ABC spokesperson said yesterday without elaborating.

A spokesperson for Drake confirmed there was a “booking in place,” but declined to comment further.

The Parks Department could not come up with the security staffing that the NYPD thought would be necessary for such an event, police sources said.

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“Despite my best hopes, it is apparent that my mother will need surgery earlier than anticipated,” the statement read. “In light of this news, I have made the difficult decision to cancel my European tour in order to support her during her recovery, just as she supported me through the years.

I cannot thank my European fans enough and look forward to performing abroad soon. I ask everyone to please respect my family’s privacy during this time.”

During his recent MTV documentary special, Drake admitted that his mother was ill and was battling a sickness, however, he did not reveal what she was suffering from and has only asked for us to keep her in our prayers via twitter.

“Back at my moms house … please include her in your prayers tonight as tmrw she faces a true challenge.”

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The rapper’s #1 hit record “Best I Ever Had” is earning him more than just platinum plaques and will force him to face a possible court date now that Hugh Hefner’s signature company has filed a copyright infringement complaint against him. Playboy says that Drake and the other defendants quote:
“Knew or should have reasonably known, that the sound recording was protected by copyright…” and that “each Defendant continues to infringe upon Plaintiff’s rights in and to the copyrighted sound recording.”

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Posted: June 17, 2010 in CELEBZ

Check out excerpts from’s interview with Maliah earlier this week:

Recently, your part in Drake’s “Find Your Love” really caught people’s attention. How’d you link with Aubrey?

Drake had actually come to the club where I work at in Houston called Dreams. I think that’s where he first saw me. I didn’t even get to speak to him that night and like a week later everybody started telling me Drake shouted me out in a song. I thought that it was so cool because I hadn’t even talked to him before. I mean, obviously he saw something he liked [laughs].

So prior to Drake name dropping you on “Miss Me”, you guys never even shared a conversation?

Yup, I was so flattered, too —especially with me being used to the strip club environment, where guys are always just… thirsty and on you. This guy didn’t even say anything but gave me props on a song.

Were you immediately attracted to him?

Who doesn’t think Drake is cute? [Laughs] But I don’t really listen to a lot of music or watch TV, and instantly I loved his music. Yea so…

You weren’t just a little jealous of Drake confessing his love for Nicki Minaj on the same song?
I love Nicki Minaj, too! [Laughs] who doesn’t?

Well, so how did you end up starring in “Find Your Love”?

A friend of his Jazz Prince, J.Prince’s son, called me and told me that his artist wanted me to come to Jamaica to shoot this video. At the time I didn’t know it was Drake, so I was like “Oh by the way, can you tell Drake thanks for the shout out?” And right after that he told me he called me back. So later on that night Drake called me directly and told me that he was the one shooting the video and how he wanted me for the lead part. I got to admit I was really geeked and could barely talk.

You were starstruck?

I was all groupied out [Laughs]… all smiles.

Your onscreen chemistry seems so natural, almost like you guys really are a couple…

It was so funny because when we were shooting the beach scene. The director, Anthony Mandler, was like “Come on, come on! You got to make me feel this!” And we had never kissed or anything before, so I just went for it and kissed him! And we started kissing for real and everybody just started cheering.

So are you dating Drake?

Um… Drake and I are good friends, and we like hanging out… having fun together. That’s all that anyone needs to know at this point.

He seems to have his mom around a lot. Have you met her yet?
[Giggles] oh lord…
I mean she’s a huge part of his life, you must have bumped into momma Drake somewhere…
Yea, she’s amazing… a really beautiful person. His mother really gave me a whole other opinion of him, even though my opinion was very high. He’s just amazing as far the respect level and his mother helped me to see that it wasn’t an act. That’s all I’ll say.


Posted: June 16, 2010 in CELEBZ

Over 15, 000 heads hit NYC to see the Canuck MC perform during the Paper’s Sounds Like Paper concert series.
Drake managed to draw the masses for a free concert that never got off the ground. NYC PD shut it down due to safety concerns. So that means many groupie chicks, backpacker’s and hipsters had to kick rocks back to wherever.

Drake told,

“I am humbled by the crowd that showed up in support of my performance and the release of Thank Me Later,” Drake told in an exclusive statement. “I love performing for my fans but unfortunately the show was canceled by the NYPD due to over crowding, leaving me without the chance to give my fans a real show.”

“The fact that Drake has a background that differs from your prototypical rap artist — from Toronto, multiracial, the fact that he was a child actor — corporate America, they’re attracted to that,” said Shawn Gee, Drake’s business manager.But Drake’s difference has also made him a target. In May 2009 he was robbed at gunpoint in a Toronto restaurant. “I feel unsafe in Toronto at all times,” Drake said. “I’m a one of one. There’s no one else you can hate as much as me if you hate money, or you hate success.”

In “Fireworks” there’s a verse about Rihanna, who asked him last year to write a song for her new album; the two soon began seeing each other regularly, though they never publicly confirmed their brief relationship. “I was a pawn,” Drake said. The song he wrote for her never got released. “You know what she was doing to me? She was doing exactly what I’ve done to so many women throughout my life, which is show them quality time, then disappear,” he said. “I was like, wow, this feels terrible.”


Posted: June 5, 2010 in CELEBZ
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“I don’t give a f*ck what Lil’ Kim or nobody else talkin about, you’re tha baddest chick to ever run this sh*t!… I respect you too much, so I’m not gonna call you the baddest B*TCH in the game, I’m gonna say you’re the baddest WOMAN in the game.” After Drake dissed Lil’ Kim, Nicki turned around laughing, then came back and hugged him. He told her “I love you.” Then he left the stage.