Posted: July 27, 2010 in CELEBZ

Ex-inmate Cheryl Presser, who was released from Lynwood Friday, told the Daily Mirror, “She is in with the killers and she has only been let out for hour-long breaks, and during those she was locked down to a table. Today (Friday), Lindsay got put on lockdown. While some of us got two hours to go to the yard, or the TV room, Lindsay was on total lockdown. She had a hysterical fit, crying and yelling so she got put in isolation.

Cheryl said Lindsay spends every night sobbing in her cell which is keeping other prisoners up and not very happy. They responded by taunting the actress and screaming “fire crotch.”

As for the conditions at Lynwood, they are not very good at all. ““The wards are cold and smelly – they stink. The air conditioning is turned up so high that you can’t sleep because of the cold. Inmates try and shove the air vents full of toilet paper to stop the air coming out, but it doesn’t work,” explains Cheryl. “Lindsay would lie there shivering all night, crying and trying to cover her face with her hands. Her wailing was keeping everyone awake.”

The actress, now in her third day of confinement, is said to have left her father Michael off the list of potential visitors she gave to prison officials. “No one at the jail will even tell her that he’s there, if he does come. He will not be visiting her but her mother, sister, manager and lawyer have all visited Lohan in these trying times.

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