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How did you begin designing?

Breezy: We always loved to be different from others, and the way we expressed that was through fashion and art. The reason we got into designing eyewear is because we’re from Minnnesota, a state that is not very fashionable. We used to get a lot of stares and points, so we wore sunglasses to avoid making eye contact. We [merged]our artistic mindset with our interest in eyewear and started off designing glasses for ourselves. Once we made that big move to New York City, it became a hit.

How was your transition to the big city?

Breezy: We came to NYC with a dream and faith, we didn’t have a set place to live or jobs. We just felt like it was our time and had to take a risk.

Coco: Before we moved to NYC, we came to visit for 2 weeks, and we felt like “wow, this is home.” We went back home to Minnesota and told our parents that we were moving. From there, we sold our car, quit our jobs, and booked our one way tickets to NYC. It was an ambitious move that we were super excited to make. We knew that we would have to struggle and also knew it would be worthwhile. I think we are proof that when you go for your dreams, anything can happen.

Breezy: The first week of us living in NYC, Ashanti wore our glasses to the VH1 hip hop honors, so that got us a lot of press and made for a great start.

What is the creative inspiration behind your glasses and accessories?

Coco: We are really inspired by art. The inspiration used to design eyewear comes from our personal preference to cover our eyes. In fact, we don’t like to go out in public without our eyewear. It’s a comfort thing , almost like an alter ego that gives us a lot of confidence.

Our collections are definitely innovative. We love metals, studs, spikes, and always have had an interest in all things futuristic. In our minds, we feel like we live in another Universe, and on a planet called “C & B” which is our world. All of our pieces we design are statements, and our eyewear is the outfit and your outfit is the accessory, because our pieces standout.

How did you fund your first collection?

Coco: We funded everything ourselves by making sacrifices. Instead of shopping and spending money on eating out, we saved all of our funds and invested them in our company. When we started, we understood the keys were to first save and the invest if we wanted to be successful.

What has been the difference between that blueprint and how your careers are playing out?

CoCo: We always planned to be young business owners by using our love for art & designing. It was a blessing that it all came together.

Breezy: I agree. I must say, we are living our dream.

In your early experiences with designing, were there any internships or developmental experiences?

Breezy: We have learned a lot on our own and just doing what comes to mind and how we want to express ourselves. Since we were always the “outsiders” in school, and in our hometown, we stuck with one another and agreed the only way to express ourselves was through art. People didn’t understand us.

As young designers what are some of the challenges you are faced with?

Coco: Conducting business is a unique challenge. We prefer doing our buisness via email, instead of over the phone. When people hear our voices the first thing they say is, ‘You guys sound young.’ However, with email, we can talk business without getting questioned about our age.

Many people doubted that we would make it. Some thought we were crazy for moving to NYC at such a young age. However, we had a goal and the mindset and willingness to do whatever it takes to see that goal through.

What gave you guys the confidence to say “I’m prepared enough to step out?”

Breezy: We were working two normal jobs in Minnesota and designing at home. Although we were living decently, I felt we were getting too comfortable. We had made it as far as we were going to make it in Minnesota.

Coco: Since we were comfortable there, we decided not to waste time and moved to New York. Since fifteen, we have been financially independent because we have always worked. That early exposure to work gave us the business mind that we use now and has essentially made us who we are today.

Why is your new collection named 20/20 and what’s included in your collection?

Coco: We named it 20/20 because our new collection is taking place on Planet C && B, in the year “2020″. This is the year that we turn 20, and due to the extreme sunlight on our planet we created eyewear so that our Aliens will have 20/20 vision.

We took it to the next level with this collection. We use metal bars, different shapes, spikes, and studs in the eyewear. We also include necklaces and rings.

Has being a family business worked to your advantage? If yes, how so?

Breezy: It has worked to our advantage because we have a great relationship, it’s amazing. We compliment each other so it works out perfect.

Who is more business savvy of you two?

Coco: Breezy usually takes care of the business. She is more aggressive and tells it how it is. She facilitates communication with clients through e-mail and performs most of the business-related duties. I start the designing process.

What is the process of getting your products to celebrities?

Coco: It’s simple. Typically, their stylists call us and let us know what products they want.

Best moment since starting your business?

Breezy: I don’t think there is one single moment, but the ongoing reminders that we inspire people is the best part of having the business.

Coco: For me it has been, going places and into different states and seeing people wearing our products.

What crowds or types of people do your products most appeal to?

Coco: The people that are not afraid to be different. If there were 100 people in the room, they are that one person that would stand out.

Breezy: We get a lot of emails from clients, thanking us. Oftentimes, they will express that they have never gotten so many compliments. The fact that we can make other people feel good makes us feel the same way.

Who are your mentors and what is an important lesson you have learned from them?

Breezy: Duane Baker has been a great mentor of ours, as designers and entrepreneurs. He has taught us a lot about the business aspect of things. He is also our business manager, and we learn something new from him everyday. We all inspire each other and work hard everyday.

What do each of you bring to the table that compliment each other?

Breezy: I’m the aggressive one

Coco: I keep us both focused!

What celebrities have endorsed your products?

Coco: Ashanti, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Amber Rose, Nivea, Serena Williams, Sammie,

Are their any plans to have a physical store?

One day, but considering the state of the market, the popularity of online shopping is working for us. We would love to have our own store in the future. Today, our products are available in stores in NYC, LA, France and Italy.

What differentiates the two of you from the rest of the crowd?
We are example, that its OK to be different. The way we dress is a lifestyle and an around the clock thing. A lot of people just have their “nightlife” looks, but the look is our lifestyle. We love what we do, we don’t do it for the money. We feel like if you love what you do, you will never feel like your working a day in your life.

Will you all be active this year at Fashion Week In New York?

Breezy: We are working on our third collection for Spring 2011 and that’s what we will be showing during Fashion Week.

What’s next for you?

Coco: Getting more store placement in more stores and boutiques. We have also been doing a lot of modeling lately and hope to continue with that. We also have plans on going to London to capitalize on the market there. Once we have branded ourselves [with eyewear],we plan to expand into clothes and shoes and become a household name.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    coco & breezy! i knew them before they blew up

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so so inlove with their style

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