Posted: July 20, 2010 in CELEBZ

Some broad named Christina Saunders said she wanted to empower herself like Samantha from Sex And The City so she took her beat up va-jay-jay on a world tour. She ultimately ended up bedding more than 1,000 unsuspecting men.

She said: “Sam went from one man to the next and was proud of it. I wanted to be confident like her. I got hooked on the buzz of one-night-stands.”

She slept with at least one stranger a week, travelled the world hunting for men to bed, and took part in threesomes.

But now Christina, 30, admits: “All I want is a man to love me – not one who just wants me for sex.”

Attractive Christina grew up in a five-bedroom house in Hertfordshire where she enjoyed riding her pony and visiting Ascot races and Henley regatta every year. Her parents, who she describes as “very middle class”, had no idea of her secret life. She sighed: “They would be devastated if they knew what I was up to.”

Christina decided to copy Sam, played by Kim Cattrall, 53, during a bout of flu at university in Bristol.

Until then she hadn’t been that interested in men, saying her first sexual encounter – with a friend while she was at secondary school – was “a disaster”.

But when she fell ill in 2000, aged 20, a pal gave her the first series of Sex And The City to watch. Christina said: “The thought of four women gloating about sleeping their way around New York hadn’t appealed to me but I had nothing better to do so I watched it.

“Samantha was sexy, confident and proud. She had a male attitude of sleeping around and it fascinated me.”

Last month she bedded her Mr 1,000th at a friend’s party. “He was gorgeous, blond and fantastic in bed.”

Now the challenge is over Christina does have regrets. “Good friends stuck by me but others accused me of being a slut. I took things too far. Now all I want to do is settle down. I just hope I haven’t put men off.”

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