Posted: July 12, 2010 in CELEBZ
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Bobby V has been hiding under a rock for a minute but has finally decided to come up for air. He recently sat down with to discuss what type of woman he would think about “Putting a Ring On It.”

Bobby V says he can’t get down with a chick that has been around…
I guess growing up, it’s not really ladylike for a woman to sleep with a lot of men. But as far as a man it’s almost like you’re looked at as a player or fathers kind of look at you like, that’s my boy! Versus a woman shes looked at like a whore if shes had a lot of partners like that. It’s just a double standard. Any woman that I’m really feeling for real for real, I need to know what she’s been doing before I really put all my juices and berries into her as far as the relationship.

Now, if I’m just having sex with her then it doesn’t really matter because it’s just a sexual thing. But as far as being in a real relationship with a woman and she’s had a lot of partners, I really can’t feel good about that because I wouldn’t really want to take her anywhere and everybody in the club up in there hit my girl. That’s not a good look.

A high number for a woman depends on how old she is. The older she get of course your numbers are gonna go up. A woman that’s say 25 years old, if she’s had like 20 or 25 that’s a lot. That’s real high.

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  1. Ellaina says:

    Bobby V is so so irrelevant. He’s doing nothing with his career. Its sad really.

  2. Anonymous says:

    he is lame nigga

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