Posted: June 16, 2010 in WORLD NEWZ

Nicholis Williams is being accused of pulling a gun on his son’s baseball coach.

After posting a $20,000 bond Williams has been released from a Tennessee jail  after investigators say the 29 year old pulled a loaded pistol on his son’s little league coach.

We’ve got to do better people.

Police say the incident happened Saturday afternoon at the baseball fields  behind Shadowlawn Middle School.

Williams used profanity around the kids and was asked to leave the game. He complied but after the game, the coach of the team, Joseph Powell went over to Williams in the parking lot and calmly asked him not to use profanity in front of the kids.

Powell says that Williams then told him to “shut the f*ck up.”

Williams then pulled out a firearm from under the floor mats of his car, loaded the chamber, and pointed the gun in Powell’s face.

Powell  said he grabbed Williams’ arm and pulled it over the car door, forcing Williams to drop the gun.

Powell then took Williams to the ground to try and keep him away from the gun.

Witnesses say that they heard Williams telling Powell to get away from his car before he pulled the gun out.

Witnesses also say that Powell began choking Williams after he pointed the gun in his face.

It took at least four mean to hold Williams down as Powell fled the scene.

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