Posted: June 11, 2010 in WORLD NEWZ

There’s currently a manhunt underway for Antonio Prophet, who is accused of burning down the home of the woman he’d been seeing after killing her and her three-year-old son. Pop the hood for the gory details

Early Sunday morning around 4:25AM firefighters rushed to a burning home in Bunker Hill, West Virginia. Initially, no bodies were found, but hours later the bodies of Angela Devonshire and her three-year-old son Andre White in the garage. Police believe the bodies fell there from the living room above, during the fire.

The toddler’s body was so badly burned his cause of death could not be determined, however police say 22-year-old Devonshire had her throat was cut prior to the fire.

Devonshire also had a seven-week-old baby who survived the tragedy. The newborn was found unharmed in a patio chair on the back patio of the main family residence. The baby did have blood on his shirt, but thankfully was without injuries.

Police are now looking for Antonio Prophet, an alleged “published author,” who actually self-published his novel. Prophet had only been seeing Angela for about two weeks before the time of her murder. Family described Prophet as a “regular guy.” Prophet has a criminal record, and is considered dangerous. The U.S. Marshal’s Service has joined in on the manhunt for this suspected killer.

Sources say Prophet was staying with a cousin in Martinsburg when he met Angela Devonshire, but investigators are uncertain where Phophet was living earlier, since some addresses list his home in D.C., others list various locations in Northern Virginia.

As expected, Angela’s family is devastated and begging anyone that may know about Prophet’s whereabouts to call authorities immediately.

SMH this is crazy. We’re posting this in the hope that someone may know something that will lead to the arrest of the monster who did this.

R.I.P. Angela Devonshire and Andre White

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