Posted: June 11, 2010 in CELEBZ
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Well new castmember artist to Cash Money, Bow Wow sat down recently with, and chopped it up about Diggy Simmons dissing him and going to Rikers Island to see Weezy. The question is how come he didn’t talk about the ‘Jizzanator’ aka Kat Stacks?  Pop the hood to see what Bow said about Diggy going in on him.

“It’s flattering because it lets me know how much of a prince I came into the game as [and that] people are talking about things I made 10 years ago. I’m still here and to me that’s flattering because that kid that they talk about is the only kid at that age that sold three million copies.”

The new Karate Kid even found time to give some advice to Rev. Run’s son about the treacherous music business.

“It’s easy now because you’re a kid, but once you hit that that 17, 18 mark it’s going to get rougher so be prepared [for] that next wing because its going to come fast. I think his label’s behind him [so] he should be okay. He should try his best to find whoever his fan base is, stick with them and cater to them That’s the one thing I did. He looks like a star and if he has the right tools around him, he can win. We got to wait and see, but I wish him good luck.”

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