Posted: June 3, 2010 in CELEBZ

According to BOSSIP sources, Kat Stacks got so WASTED last night hopped in a car with a total stranger! Seriously hurtin’ and in need of somewhere to go ‘lay her head’ Kat was running through the parking garage of an Atlanta apartment complex, when she approached an unknown vehicle and jumped in the passenger seat of the car driven by an Atlanta woman.

WHAT THE FU*K???? WHERE THEY DO THAT AT???? This funky a*s broad just jumps in cars with STRANGERS??? THIS HOE IS OUT HER DAMN MIND!!!!!!

The Atlanta woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, tried to HELP this DEGENERATE BROAD by buying her food from Wendy’s, and then bringing her to her home to rest. Kat in her usual state of DELUSION — started pouring out her heart to the woman, telling her the TRUTH about who she REALLY slept with and didn’t — along with personal details about her life — including her real name and how she cannot press charges against the men who smacked her up because her lowlife criminal azz isn’t even supposed to leave the state of Florida!

Shortly after being taken to the home of the woman Kat demanded more liquor and disrespected the woman’s couch by leaving traces of ther TRANNY makeup all over her couch. While the woman went to seek help for Kat, neighbors from the complex arrived to watch the spectacle of this DRUNKEN A*S SLORE passed out on the couch.

With that all said and done… do you really think an apartment full of strangers, many of who are fans of Nelly, Young Money, T-Pain, Bow Wow and Fabolous that Kat Stacks made it through the night without being DOGGED????

THAT HOE GOT DOGGED LAST NIGHT. We’ve seen the proof!!!! Now you’ll have to wait to see for yourselves! Let’s just say Atlanta has not been kind to Kat Stacks!

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